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The FAQ section is broken up into three separate categories. The categories address general questions about the application ( What? ), information specific to using openfi ( How? ), and commonly asked questions about openfi's design ( Why? ).

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  What is openfi?

  What is the latest version of the openfi software available?

  Does openfi have support for ID3 tags?

  How do I setup openfi?

  What is the'root of the hard drive'?

  Where/How can I download openfi?

  What does the [button name] button do?

  What changes have been made to openfi since it was released?

  What ways can I add my music collection to openfi?

  Can openfi play music I have synchronized from SimpleCenter?

  Will my DMP1 still autosynch wirelessly with SimpleCenter?

  Can I still use the stock software if I load openfi on my DMP1?

  How can I help develop openfi?


  I am setting up openfi for the first time and it will not load.

  I am upgrading openfi from a previous version and it will not load.

  How do I update my DMP1's firmware to v2.0.315

  How do I load my MP3's onto the DMP1's hard disk drive?

  How do I remove SimpleCenter's synched music and files?

  How do I remove openfi from my DMP1?

  How do I get playlists to work with openfi?

  My computer won't recognize my DMP1's HDD when connected through USB. Files are corrupted during transfers.


  Why doesn't openfi have support for WMA's?

  Why doesn't the TAG button work like it used to?

   Why can't I browse my music collection while playing a song?

  Why does this webpage have outdated/incorrect information on it?

  Why doesn't openfi replace the stock software?

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