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Step 2: Boot

The second step to setting up openfi is booting the software and configuring various settings.

You've loaded openfi onto the DMP1's hard disk. If all went well the hardest part is over. Our next task is to verify that the installation was successful and then to configure a few preference settings.

First let's check on the openfi installation from the previous step. Take the DMP hard disk and mount it into the caddy in your car. Turn the unit on and wait for the software to load. If the installation was successful, you should see the openfi bootstrap load. After startup, if the unit reads "Music Collection" as the first menu item, then you've done everything correctly! You're ready to move on to the configuration portion of this step.

If your unit is displaying "My Media Library" or an error message, please re-read the previous step, "Load", and make sure you have done everything correctly. You may also want to refer to the FAQ section for additional help in resolving your problem.

Configuration Options
You have successfully installed openfi on you DMP1, the next step is to configure the various settings available to you. These settings are located under the Configuration menu option from the main menu. Available configurable features:
  • Beep Volume:
    OFF - Turn off audible feedback.
    LOW - beeps are at low volume.
    MEDIUM - beeps are at medium volume.
    LOUD - beeps are at high volume (note: test this setting with your volume low.     In some systems this option may be VERY loud).
  • Jog Dial Click
    OFF - Disable the jog dial clicks.
    ON - Enable the jog dial clicks (when enabled performance may be affected).
  • FastForward/Rewind
    OFF - Disable FF and RW (< and > used for previous and next song).
    ON - Enable FF and RW (< and > used for RW and FF).
  • AutoPause on Resume
    OFF - Disabled (openfi will automatically resume play when turned on).
    ON - Enabled (openfi will resume in a paused state when turned on).
Once you have changed the settings as you see fit, you're ready to load your music onto the DMP1's hard disk (covered in 'Play'). We're steadily nearing completion.

Step: Load | Boot | Play

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