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openfi - a better alternative

Welcome to the home of openfi. Openfi is an opensource alternative media software for the Omnifi DMP1.

Openfi (formerly linuxfi) was conceived by Andy Poling. In its current state, the openfi project has produced a full fledged replacement to the now obsolete Omnifi software which the DMP1 ships with. Features of this replacement software are outlined below. The openfi project is steadily moving towards its final goal, the full replacement of the stock software.

Currently openfi has the following capabilities:

It's harmless to try!
Openfi has been specially designed so that there is ZERO potential for destruction to your DMP1. The openfi software is installed onto the DMP1 the same way music is loaded. It does not modify the firmware in any way. While openfi is loaded you will still be able to use the stock software. If at any time you wish to remove openfi, it's as easy as deleting a few files.

Plays MP3 Files!
No more need for Simple Center to add your music collection to the DMP1 in it's proprietary format.
Openfi can play MP3 files loaded directly on your DMP1's HDD.

Fast Forward and Rewind!
Quickly skip through files. This feature is especially useful for audio book listeners.

Shuffle any of your songs, albums, artists or your entire collection.

Audible Feedback!
Configurable audible feedback to aid navigation while driving.

Openfi can be customized to your preferences from your computer or your car.

Create Playlists On The Fly!
Openfi can create recusive playlists of any directories on your hard disk.

Unlike the stock software which has not been updated since 11/04, openfi is always being updated and new features are always being added. Openfi was built by the users for the users.

There is always room to grow with openfi. Feature requests are always taken into consideration.

SourceForge.net Logo Current Base Install:                  v3
Current App:                      v0.9.210
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