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Creating Play lists for use in OmniFi using Winamp

Created and maintained by: CoZ

This documentation will describe how to use WinAmp to create play lists for use in your DMP1 running the latest version of Openfi.
This how to documentation already assumes that you have loaded up OpenFi in your DMP1 and have a basic understanding of computer usage; such as moving files, saving files, etc. As usual, if you blow up your computer by messing around with something you don't have a clue about; you can't sue us.

You will need the following software to successfully create a Play List:
The first thing you need to do is remove your hard drive from your DMP1 and hook it up to your computer via the provided USB cable. If this is the first time you have done this and you are using Windows XP it will automatically detect the device and assign it a free drive letter in My Computer.

Once that step is completed, click on the My Computer icon and verify that the device has been assigned a Drive Letter:

My Computer

Since I have more then one Hard Drive, my Windows XP assigned the DMP1 Hard Drive as K:. Your My Computer will vary slightly then the screen shot posted here. Just look for a Hard Drive you did not have before you plugged your device into the USB port and that will be your DMP1 Hard Drive.

Now, if you have already loaded OpenFi and have transferred some MP3s over to your drive you should be all set to start making play lists. I have my drive set up with each Artist in his/her own Directory. I find it to be much easier to manage my MP3s that way. If you right click on your OmniFi drive and hit explore your drive contents probably look something like this:

Explored Drive

If you have not transferred any MP3s over to the drive, you will want to make a folder called Music_Collection in the root of your Drive (as pictured above). You then transfer whatever MP3s over to that folder so OmniFi can access your music:

Music Directory

In the above screen shot you will notice that all of my Music are arranged in folders. (Yes, I listen to a diverse amount of different music so try not to laugh at my choices too much!) Take note of the directory called _Playlists. If you name your Play list folder exactly like that, every time you turn on your DMP1; putting that underscore in front of the folder ensures that directory will always be on top of the list. It's simply easier to find and get to when you want to access your Play Lists.

Now, if we open up the _Playlists directory we can see that I already have completed some play lists and this is what your directory should look like:

The Play List Directory

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